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Articles on training, raising a Bullmastiff, and more


Articles on Health, Training, raising a Bullmastiff puppy & More.

Must Read Articles

bulletThe Public and Private Image of the Bullmastiff
bulletThe Large Dog and Child
bulletDog Bite Laws (off site)
bulletCanis Max- the web site for large dog enthusiasts (off site)
bullet12 Golden Rules of ownership

General Information

bulletAddresses of Interest
bulletWhat is Limited Registration?
bulletILP--Indefinite Listing Privilege
bulletTitles - what do those abbreviations mean?
bulletWhat is CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
bulletThe Bullmastiff Standard
bulletAmerican Bullmastiff Association

Emergency Care

bulletPoisonous Plants - alphabetical list
bulletNational Animal Poison Control Center Information & Poisonous Plants

Health Related Issues

bulletCanine Hip Dysplasia
bulletSome Possible Orthopedic Problems in Bullmastiffs
bulletPennHIP method of diagnosing Hip Dysplasia
bulletHeartworm - in depth information (off site)
bulletWhat to Put in your Canine First Aid Kit
bulletInformation on Ehrlichia - (off site)
bulletFear of Thunder or Loud Noises
bulletInformation on Canine Eye Problems (lost link)
bulletVetinfo - Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information (off site)
bulletCoprophagia (poop eating) - an off-site study inviting participation (off site)
bulletCanine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources (off site)
bulletCoprophagia - Poop Eating

Pet Insurance

Please be Advised these links are here for your information only.

bulletVeterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) (off site)

Getting a Puppy

bulletAt what age should I bring my new puppy home?
bulletBuying/Breeding Show Quality Dogs

Training/bringing Up Puppy/Dog

bulletCrate Training
bulletHelpful puppy training tips - teething, digging, leash training
bulletMouthing (puppy biting)
bulletPuppy Food or Adult Food?
bulletAlpha Roll or Jelly Roll; Establishing Pack Leadership
bulletTraining Your Dog
bulletThe Bullmastiff as a Guard Dog
bulletReal life Recalls
bulletCanis Max- Training Articles (Off site)

Dog Show Superintendents

bulletRoy Jones
bulletMBF- Info dog


Books, Catalogs, Publications & Videos

bulletMail Order Catalogs for Pet Supplies


bulletRainbow Bridge - two versions
bulletFear of Thunder or Loud Noises
bulletMicrochips & Tattoos
bulletTherapy Dog Associations and Programs

Skin/Allergy Problems

bulletVinegar rinse for smelly dogs

What is a....?

bulletDudley Bullmastiff



bulletBecoming a Responsible Breeder
bulletBreeding your dog
bulletIssues to discuss before you breed your dog (off site)

Dog Food

bulletPet food Secrets


Where can I get bullmastiff related items......


Other Good Sites on the Web

bulletBullmastiff Breed info and Canadian Standard
bulletAmerican Bullmastiff Association
bulletBullmastiff Home Page
bulletWelcome to the AKC
bulletYou be the Judge- Virtual Bullmastiff (offsite)
bulletPet Loss - A Reference to References (off site)

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I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this site making it one of the most informative sites on bullmastiffs!

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