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Bullmastiff Today

The Bullmastiff as it is today
by: Adele Pfenninger

Large, compact and active, the Bullmastiff is a combination of great loyalty and affection. This breed has a special courage and intelligence like no other in the canine world. With a black mask and black ears accentuating a large, gorgeous and expressive head, the Bullmasiff comes splendidly dressed in shades of fawn, red, and brindle. The males stand from 25" to 27" at the shoulder and the females are from 24" to 26" tall at the shoulder. Weight should be sufficient in relation to bone structure and height, with overall balance the goal. While the breed cannot be considered rare, one does not find a Bullmastiff on every street corner. There are only slightly more than 3000 Bullmastiff puppies registered with AKC each year in the United States. Breeders are fortunate in that they can pick and chose the very best owners for their puppies.

If you are interested in acquiring a Bullmastiff, the best thing you can do is to call several breeders. You can discuss each breeder’s goals and get a bead on what he/she is trying to accomplish. There is a great variation of type within this breed. By speaking with breeders and visiting their kennels, obtaining photos and by going to some local shows, you will get an idea of what type of Bullmastiff you would like to own. The AKC STANDARD for the BREED describes what a Bullmastiff should look like, and there is plenty of room for various styles in the breed.

A Bullmastiff should look like a Bullmastiff!

Buying a puppy from an established bloodline will ensure that your dog will look like a member of that kennel’s strain. Once you get the opportunity to see a few good specimens of the breed, you will not find it difficult to choose a breeder and a dog. This may mean you will have to wait for a time because there are no really large kennels in the breed, and each breeder usually has a waiting list. If it will help you with a time frame, most bitches have litters in the Spring and in the latter part of Fall.

Should you buy a male or a female? From my point of view the sexes are equal in their ability to serve as great family companions. Some breeders will not recommend males, but I feel that the boys have as much virtue as family companions as do the bitches. I love my boys! In this breed, the males display the breed characteristics to a greater degree than most females do.

At home with his family, the Bullmatiff thrives on love and returns it with a double measure of affection and loyalty. They love children and will take abuse from kids that they would never tolerate from adults. The Bullmastiff takes his role as the family protector very seriously. He will gladly accept your friends, but the stranger will be scrutinized, and the illegal intruder will have much to worry about!

Rare is the family once belonging to a Bullmastiff that is ever willing to be without one again!

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