What is a Dudley Bullmastiff?





The Dudley Bullmastiff is a mutation of the normal colored animal. There are two color variations of Dudleys. One is a gray or gray and beige dog with a dark gray masks, gray nose and yellow eyes. The second variety is a fawn to reddish fawn dog with a red masks, pink to liver nose, and yellow eyes.

Some breeders put to sleep Dudley pups when they are born. They are fairly easy to detect even at birth. Although many pups are born with pink noses, the normal pup’s nose turns black within approximately a week of birth. A red or brown mask at birth is the sign of a Dudley. In the gray Dudley the coat color is a give-away to the future color of the dog. There are fawn pups born with a heavy overlay of black hair, which the novice might suspect of being gray Dudleys. However, these pups are almost always born with strong black masks which mark them as being of normal pigmentation.

The Dudley need not be destroyed at birth if the breeder will sell or give away the puppy strictly as a pet ; explaining the Dudley fault to the future owner and having a written understanding with the new owner that registration papers will be furnished for the dog as soon as the breeder receives proof that the dog has been altered.

If your puppy has a small mask, a pale one, or none at all, this is a fault, but does not make the puppy a Dudley.

Yellow eyes are very unattractive in a Bullmastiff and a serious fault. They, alone do not make a dog a Dudley. All pups’ eyes are some shade of blue in infancy. Pups who will have dark eyes have very deep blue eyes in infancy. Puppies who will have yellow eyes have ice or sky blue eyes at this time. Dudleys always have off-color nose leathers in conjunction with the light eyes.

A puppy who has a pink nose at two months of age is definitely a Dudley. It will never have normal pigmentation. DO NOT buy one for breeding or showing under any condition. The puppy is useless except strictly as a pet. The Dudley should NEVER be used for breeding stock. As for showing, it is not worth the time it takes you to get to the show.

At this time our Standard has no disqualifying faults listed. Many novices read the Standard before buying a Bullmastiff to familiarize themselves with the factors that make a desirable puppy. They are not made aware of the seriousness of Dudleyism because no mention is made of it.

If the discussed Standard revision is accomplished, Dudleyism should be listed as a disqualifying fault for the protection of prospective Bullmastiff purchasers.

This article was written and is Copyrighted by Carol H. Beans

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