Limited Registration


Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but NO LITTERS PRODUCED BY THAT DOG ARE ELIGIBLE FOR REGISTRATION.

Limited Registration means that the dog MAY NOT be entered in breed competition at AKC-licensed events. Limited Registration means that the dog MAY compete in other licensed events such as Herding Trials and Obedience Tests.

Limited Registration is determined by the litter owner(s) The litter owner(s) check the Limited Registration box on the blue form (AKC registration application) rather than the Full Registration box. A litter owner must confirm the choice by signing in the signature box provided on the form.

Limited Registration certificates are white with an orange border; the Full Registration certificates are white with a purple border.

Limited Registrations can be changed to Full Registration ONLY by the litter owner(s).

Limited Registration helps breeders protect their breeding programs. If breeders do not want puppies used for breeding purposes, they can request the Limited Registration option for those puppies.

For additional details contact: AKC REGISTRATION SERVICES, 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606.

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