Therapy Dog Associations and Programs


Therapy Dog Associations
and Programs


Dreamworkers, Inc.
4704 Brownsville Rd.
Powder Springs, Georgia 30127

Delta Society Pet Partners Programs
289 Perimeter Road East
Renton, WA 98055
Phone (206) 226-7357

Web Page:

A non-profit organization of pet owners, volunteers, therapists, educators, veterinarians and health professionals. The program tests and certifies animal-people teams, qualifying them to visit nursing homes, schools, prisons and treatment centers. Both the animal and the volunteer must be trained and screened prior to visitation.


Therapy Dogs Inc.
E-mail to:
Phone: 877-843-7364
P.O. Box 5868
Cheyenne, WY 82003

Web Page:

A national non-profit organization founded in 1990. They unite therapy dogs with people in nursing homes, prisons and hospitals all over the country.


Therapy Dogs International
6 Hilltop Road
Mendham, NJ 07945

A volunteer group organized to provide qualified Therapy Dogs and handlers for visitation to institutions and facilites. Currently, a number of TDI colunteers and their dogs are part of a long-term study investigating the bond of dogs and humans with respect to the elderly and those with Alzheimer's disease.


Tails of Joy/NW CT Dog Club
(a division of Therapy Dogs International)
Pleasant Valley, CT
Janet Miller


Therapy Pet Pals of Texas
Kathryn Lashmit
807 Brazos St.
Suite 312
Austin, TX 78701


Pet Assisted Therapy Facilitation Certificate Program
Pearl Salotto
State University of New York
Phone (401) 463-5809


The Chenny Troupe
1504 North Wells Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Phone: (312) 280-0266
Fax: (312) 642-2488

Francie Glatt, Executive Director

Web Page:

Chenny Troupe is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to motivating individuals with special challenges through animal-assisted therapy programs using certified therapy dogs.


Love on a Leash
Liz Palika
3809 Plaza Dr. #107-309
Oceanside, CA 92056
Phone (619) 630-4824


PAWS - Pets are Wonderful Support
P.O. Box 460489
San Francisco, CA 94146-0489
Phone (415) 824-4040

An AIDS service organization based in San Francisco that helps patients have pets.


Pets and People Foundation
Sally Jean Alexander, Volunteer Coordinator
11 Apple Crest Road
Weston, MA 02193
Phone (781) 899-5029

A volunteer organization founded in 1985 whose slogan "People Therapy Through Pets" supports its mission of bringing pets into nursing homes, hospitals, and other facilities in the Eastern Massachusetts area.


Pet Assisted Therapy Services
P.O. Box 90550
San Jose, CA 95109

Pet Assisted Therapy Services WWW page

PATS brings pets on visits to people who live in various kinds of institutions - nursing homes, facilities for disabled or seriously ill children, hospital rehabilitation wards, the Children's Shelter, psychiatric facilities, etc.


Assistance Dog Institute
P.O. Box 2334
Rohnert Park, CA 94927

This group provides dogs to nursing homes, hospitals, groups homes and schools with programs for children with learning disabilities.


Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service
P.O. Box 4266, West Station
Meridian, Ms. 39307
Email contact: Pat Gonser -

Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service WWW Page

Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service is a small program and they concentrate on therapeutic intervention with their animals, not only in nursing homes, but in children's facilities, hospitals, abuse shelters, mental health, and physical and occupational therapy.

They also work with persons who are differently abled to self train a service dog. For more office you can call, email or visit their WWW site.


Petworks In Progress Foundation
PO Box 6282
Norman, OK 73070-6282
(405) 364-1525.

Kris Butler, President

Petworks In Progress Foundation's mission is to provide people in Oklahoma with opportunities to interact with skilled therapy-dog teams in settings that promote healing, rehabilitation, learning, or an improved quality of life. Petworks In Progress Foundation's activities include:


  • referring appropriate teams to healthcare facilities and schools
  • workshops for volunteer training
  • workshops for healthcare and education professionals
  • support groups for volunteers
  • evaluating and testing volunteers for national certifications
  • educational programs focusing on responsible pet ownership issues


Support Dogs, Inc.
3958 Union Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63125
Contact person: Christine Curtis or E-Mail - Mary D.:
Web Page:

SDI is a United Way, nonprofit agency based in St. Louis. There are three divisions; Service- provide people with disabilities greater independence with their specially bred and trained service dogs; Education- teach children respect for each other and animals through the Advocacy By Canines programs; and Therapeutic- responds to a strong demand from the medical community for a professional canine therapy program. If your interested in being involved in any or all of the divisions please contact us.


Human Animal Bond Program
c/o Veterinary Services
Building 88
Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027

For info, contact:

    Ruie Gibson

    Linda Coppola
    Vet Clinic (913) 684-6510

We are a small, private, volunteer, not for profit organization sponsored by the post veterinarian. Pets and their human owners comprise "teams", which after proper health exam certification and appropriate temperament assessment are accomplished, currently provide pet therapy visits to 7 different hospitals, to include a special ed class and a new assisted living facility just recently built, convalescent centers and the Veterans Administration hospital in Leavenworth. (@15 calls per month) If you are coming to Ft. Leavenworth for a military assignment or are a civilian coming to the area, please contact us. We, of course, always need new member teams.


Paws For Friendship Inc.
P O Box 12243
Omaha Ne 68152



Paws For Friendship Inc. is a 3 year old non-profit organization. This group also visits nursing homes,care centers, does hospice work, school visits to promote proper pet care and also visits hospitals.There are chapters all over the country starting up.


Canine Companions for Independence
Web Page:


"Create-A-Smile" Animal-Assisted-Therapy Team
Web Page:


South Florida Pet Therapy Program
Humane Society of Broward County
2070 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33312-5997

Patricia Brodersen
Director of Volunteer Services


Lend A Heart Animal-Assisted Therapy, Inc.
P.O. Box 60617
Sacramento, CA 95860
916 / 331-5000

Lend A Heart Animal-Assisted, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Based in Sacramento, California our volunteers work throughout this area at selected facilities, including Shriner's Children's Hospital and Easter Seals. We also works extensively with the elderly,
children-at-risk in public schools, patients in a mental health facility, and at rehabilitation centers. Volunteer therapy teams give over 200 hours each
month to those in need, and are known for their exceptional and professional abilities.

Lend A Heart is always looking for committed individuals with trained, socialized pets to further our community work. We test and certify handler/animal teams (using Pet Partners as a guide), help train new therapy teams during their probation period, and expect a year-round, ongoing
commitment to our clients.



Jim Newell
St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program
1199 Deyell 3rd Line
Milbrook, Ontario L0A 1G0
Thank you Catherine Young for contributing this information.

Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Phone number (403) 413 4682
Fax number (403) 413 8805
Web Site:

The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta, offers training and evaluation for volunteers and companion animals as well as referral to facilities and programs in the community. We also offer bereavement support to grieving pet owners having difficulty coping with the loss of a pet. If you would like to find out more about our Society, you can check us out on the 'net at For e-mail correspondence, we can be reached at

In Calgary, there's a group called PALS (Pet Access League Society); their website is and their e-mail address is


BC Pets and Friends
#250, 167 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B8
(604) 879-5991
FAX is (604) 879-2992



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